Black Magic Car Care

Black Magic Wheel Cleaner & Polish

Black Magic Titanium Wheel PolishFor complete wheel care, trust the science behind Black Magic car care products to protect your rims against pitting and discoloration, and create that "like-new" sparkle and shine.

Black Magic Wheel Cleaner boasts a new and improved formula to give your rims an even longer lasting shine than before. Black Magic Wheel Cleaner easily removes dust, dirt and grime, and is safe for use on all surfaces, including aluminum and chrome.

For your convenience, Black Magic Express Foaming Wheel & Tire Cleaner removes dirt and grime from rims and tires in one quick and easy step. Safe on aluminum, chrome, steel, alloy and mag, this is an excellent product to use before the application of polish or tire dressings.

High Performance Chrome & Aluminum Wheel Cleaner

We've heard time and time again that some detailers simply don't trust cleaners that claim to be specifically formulated for delicate surfaces like aluminum and chrome. That's why we've developed a premium aluminum wheel cleaner that is gentle enough to be used on all metal surfaces without sacrificing cleaning power.

Black Magic Ultimate Rims Cleaner is pH-balanced to protect sensitive surfaces, and with our Ultimate Shine Guarantee you'll never have to risk using any other aluminum wheel cleaner to get the best shine possible.

Black Magic Titanium Wheel Polish

Safe for all metal surfaces, Black Magic Titanium Wheel Polish rejuvenates wheels to a brilliant shine. Our rich, creamy formula is gentle enough for frequent use and powerful enough to polish any metal surface to perfection. Simply rub in a small amount of polish, and follow with a clean, dry cloth to buff and remove remaining polish. For high-performance aluminum and chrome wheels, there's simply no better polish available than Titanium Wheel Polish.