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Tire Care

Black Magic
Tire Wet® Wax
Black Magic
Tire Wet Gel
Black Magic
Tire Wet
Black Magic
Tire Wet Foam
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Tire Wet Spray
Black Magic
Bleche-Wite® Tire Cleaner
Black Magic
Bleche-Blak Tire Cleaner

Detailer´s Tip

Apply Black Magic Tire Wet Wax onto the inside of wheel wells for a dark, black finish and high-gloss shine.

Black Magic

Tire Wet
  • Most durable shine on the market lasts 8 to 10 weeks!
  • Advanced technology provides minimal sling
  • Scuff defense formula fills small scuffs & cracks
  • Just apply with included sponge and go, no wiping
  • Cherry scented

Available Size


  • 1. Clean and dry the tires thoroughly
  • 2. Remove cap and take off foil seal. Replace cap then open cover. Squeeze gently to apply ample amount of wax to the sponge applicator.
  • 3. Apply the wax to tire by wiping or dabbing.
  • 4. Use sparingly on tire surface to avoid over application which may cause sling.
  • 5. Wait 15 min. before driving to achieve optimal shine.