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Exterior Care

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Trim Restoration
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2 in 1 Fast Wax
Black Magic
Wet Shine Car Wash

Detailer´s Tip

For the ultimate shine, avoid washing in direct sunlight to prevent soap and water from drying on car´s surface and leaving spots.

Black Magic

Wet Shine
Car Wash
  • Long-lasting, high foaming action - provides a thick, rich foam that will last throughout an entire car wash
  • Deepens gloss & boosts shine
  • Thick, rich, extreme-sudsing formula will not strip protective wax
  • Clear coat safe
  • Helps lift away dirt and grime from all of your car's surfaces
  • Non-streaking formula won't cause swirl marks or strip wax

Available Size


  • 1. Park in shade and allow car's surface to cool. Rinse with water to remove any loose dirt
  • 2. Mix 1 ounce (4 capfuls) of Black Magic™ Wet Shine Car Wash into a wash bucket per 1 gallon of water
  • 3. Apply with a clean sponge or wash mitt
  • 4. Wash car from top to bottom and rinse thoroughly
  • 5. For best results, dry with a chamois, microfiber towel or 100% cotton terry cloth towel