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Interior Multi-Surface Detailer


Revitalize your car’s interior with Black Magic® Interior Multi-Surface Detailer. It cleans and protects for a non-greasy, no glare, natural finish on vinyl, rubber, metal, carbon fiber and plastic surfaces including display screens. Special UV inhibitors absorb the sun’s rays and disperse them protecting your interior from cracking and fading. Our unique Dust guard formula also helps keep your dash stay cleaner, longer with Anti-Static technology that prevents dust from sticking to surfaces. Plus, with the pleasant, long-lasting new car scent, your interior will not only look great but smell great too.

  • No glare natural finish
  • Cleans and protects
  • Dry to the touch natural finish
  • Dust guard formula
US Item #: 120092
Available Size: 16 oz
  1. Spray product onto a soft cloth and apply evenly to surfaces.
  2. Let the liquid penetrate to activate UV and Dust inhibitors.
  3. Wipe surface dry if needed.
  4. Apply as needed to maintain look and protection.
  5. Store and transport in a closed, upright position.

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