Interior Multi-Surface Detailer

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Revitalize your car’s interior with Black Magic® Interior Multi-Surface Detailer. It cleans and protects for a non-greasy, no glare, natural finish on vinyl, rubber, metal, carbon fiber and plastic surfaces including display screens. Special UV inhibitors absorb the sun’s rays and disperse them protecting your interior from cracking and fading. Our unique Dust guard formula also helps keep your dash stay cleaner, longer with Anti-Static technology that prevents dust from sticking to surfaces. Plus, with the pleasant, long-lasting new car scent, your interior will not only look great but smell great too.

  • No glare natural finish
  • Cleans and protects
  • Dry to the touch natural finish
  • Dust guard formula
US Item #: 120092
CAN Item #: 36224
Available Size: 16 oz
  1. Spray product onto a soft cloth and apply evenly to surfaces.
  2. Let the liquid penetrate to activate UV and Dust inhibitors.
  3. Wipe surface dry if needed.
  4. Apply as needed to maintain look and protection.
  5. Store and transport in a closed, upright position.
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Black Magic
Average rating:  
 8 reviews
 by Dan Holloman
Where did you go?

I love this product, but cannot find it anywhere, not on line, not in stores , not anywhere what happened? Did you discontinue? Or what please advise?

 by Shon Jones
It’s not on shelves!!

I LOVE THIS! Will it ever be available in stores in Richmond, VA again? Please help!

 by Robert Liao
The best smell

Im 42 and have had a ton of classic cars. I bought this product last year and absolutely love it. It lasts for a good amount of time too. It us hard to find right now but as soon as i find it i will be buying a case of it. Yes i love it that much

 by Kevin Bennett
Best interior cleaner EVER!!!

Best interior cleaner I’ve found. Best smelling by far. It seems to be a little hard to find right now. If you find it buy it all!

 by Tony Gul
Black Magic Interior Detailer

This product is amazing for interiors, engine bay, floor Mats and leaves the surface clean to touch with a nice sheen look. This is the only product I use for all my detailing.

 by Gregory Shepherd

I own a 2020 Ford F-150 STX. My truck has the rubber flooring and this stuff is awesome it keeps it looking like new and is great for dash and doors too.

 by Jeremiah
Interior cleaner

We use this at our Detailing business and it Is top notch! It Cleans and protects. It doesn’t leave a greasy residue but a natural look. It is also very strong in cleaning! I swear by it!

 by Marcos Benavidez
Makes my car shine good

I use black magic for all my car cleaning. Too but vehicles love the way it shines my vehicles mirror finish