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Providing the best shine out of all Black Magic® Tire Wet® products, Tire Wet Gel utilizes an advanced silicone formula to last longer and shine brighter than other products on the market.

  • Long-lasting intensity. Weather and rinse-resistant formula keeps your tires looking black and glossy for weeks, not days.
  • Scuff defense. Self-healing formula automatically fills in small scuffs and maintains a smooth, black shine.
  • Minimal sling: The thick, clinging Black Magic formula adheres to the tires to produce minimal sling.
  • Clear, residue-free shine. Clear formula leaves behind no white powdery residue – just pure, wet shine.
US Item #: 5072647
Available Size: 16oz
  1. Clean & thoroughly dry tires.
  2. Press down on flip cap and squeeze container gently to load sponge with gel.
  3. Apply to tire by wiping or dabbing, squeezing out more product as needed.
  4. Allow product to dry thoroughly (about 15 minutes) before driving to prevent sling.
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Black Magic
Average rating:  
 8 reviews
by David Nash on Black Magic

It's great look like i have new tires

by DEREK BARRIET on Black Magic

This is hands down the best Tire Shine I have ever used...I keep a bottle if Black Magic Tire Shine Gel at all times....

by Steve on Black Magic
Really Awesome Product!!!

I love this stuff. My tires shine right after a nice wash, but I was just wondering if you guys sale the sponges on the side. They don’t seem to last that long when applying continuous times. It would be great if the sponges were sold on its own .

by James Sargent on Black Magic
It is great tire wet


by Thomas George on Black Magic

awesome shine the tires look wet

by Cristian Kubrusly on Black Magic

very good this product. !!!! super recommend

by shyloe on Black Magic
Makes tires look good, but isn't long lasting.

This is the best tire shine to use right before a show or if you need your tires to shine for short amount of time. It makes them look great but only lasts about 2-3 days.

by Mark Freeman on Black Magic

Absolutely love this product! Saw in on a car show one Saturday morning over a decade ago and my tires cannot live without this stuff. No worries about overspray, you can add as much or as little as you like and my tires are smiling from rim to rim. Super glossy wet look that lasts! The sad part is I cannot find it anywhere near me anymore....looks like I will have to walk everywhere now because my car is too embarrassed to be seen in public without it.