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Black Magic Car Care Guarantee

Every Carcissist knows that the road to the ultimate shine starts from the bottom up. Whether you’ve got five minutes or fifty, Black Magic Car Care has a variety of products to meet your needs including tire and wheel care, interior care, exterior care and extras to leave your car showroom ready.

Black Magic auto care is committed to providing America’s car enthusiasts with auto detailing products and detailing tips that exceed expectations. If you’re not satisfied with any of our auto detailing products that carry the Black Magic Ultimate Shine Guarantee, simply send us the unused portion and proof of purchase within 30 days and we’ll refund your purchase price – no questions asked!

Shine From the Bottom Up: Tire Cleaners

Achieving a flawless finish that turns heads starts with the #1 Black Magic Bleche-Wite Tire Cleaner. To get that “just off the lot” look, you need to free your tires of the brake dust, grease, grime and road film that accumulates over time. This powerful tire cleaner blasts away road grime and brake dust on contact. Once you’ve cleaned your tires, you can apply a tire dressing that will protect, and finish the look.

For a glossy, wet look you can’t go wrong with Black Magic Tire Wet, America’s #1 tire dressing. Don’t want to go through two steps to clean and shine tires? Try Black Magic Tire Wet Foam. Applied to wet or dry tires, our tire wet foam cleans, shines and protects in one easy step – no wiping or scrubbing required!

Maybe you don’t mind an extra step to add shine, but you don’t care to use two separate cleaners for wheels and tires? Enter Black Magic Foaming All Wheel Cleaner. Powerful foaming action cleans wheels and tires in one quick and easy step.

What are the different types of wheels

What are the different types of wheels? And how do I figure out what I have?

There are a variety of different types of wheels. A wheel, in reference to cars, is the circular device that enables the vehicle to move efficiently across the ground due to the force created by the engine and distributed through the axil to the wheel. While it is the tire that actually makes contact with the road, it is the wheel that does the work.

There are three primary forms of wheels, the one-piece cast wheel, the Forged wheel, and the Multi-piece wheel. If you have the wheels that came with your car, it is most likely build as a forged wheel that is formed into two sections, the inner section simply called the center, which connects to the axle. The second part is the barrel, which connects to the tire. Built out of dense aluminum, each piece is pressed into its unique design, then welded together. Once welded together, the wheel has taken shape and the visual rim is applied. There is a large variety of rims, ranging from the ever present basic plastic to the harder to find steel. Each is different and needs to be treated with care to make sure your wheels look good and clean for years to come.

Let’s breakdown the four most popular types of wheels and rims, and explain what you need to look for in a cleaner to make sure that you do not damage or destroy the surface. The reason that this is important is because the wrong cleaner can actually cause pitting and etching into the surface of a metal. If you do not know what type of wheel or rim that you have, be safe and use a pH neutral cleaner like Black Magic® No Scrub. It has been specifically formulated to not harm wheels, and tested to make sure it provide the best clean possible.

Aluminum wheels dominate the roads, and most cars out now have them. Unless you went out of your way to get some awesome aftermarket rim, or you have a lower cost plastic rim on a steel wheel, then you almost certainly have an aluminum alloy wheel. These come in a variety of look and can also be a variety of colors. When cleaning your aluminum wheels you need to make sure that you have a cleaning product that is high on the alkaline side of the pH scale, so between 0 (acid) and 14 (alkaline) you want to be in the 10-14 range. Black Magic Aluminum wheel cleaner is made to be high on the alkaline side of the spectrum allowing it to be gentle on the surface while still cleaning and polishing. The reason that you want to stay away from acid based cleaners, is because they breakdown the aluminum at the chemical level, releasing a hydrogen particle and deteriorating.

Chrome wheels are actually either aluminum or steel wheels with layers of chrome added to it. This is because chrome by itself would not be strong enough to withstand the pressure it takes on while driving. So the core metal is made out of one of the more durable options. Once the chrome is applied, it will provide a level of shine and durability against rust. However they do require a bit more attention and maintenance compared to other wheel options. To make sure that you keep your chrome wheel clean, shiny and protected you need to make sure that you use a cleaner with glycolic acid, which safe on the chrome without causing deterioration through oxidization. Go to your local retailer and buy the Black Magic Chrome Wheel Cleaner. This product is formulated specifically for use on chrome and tested against the other leading brands to outperform in cleaning. Also, if you know that you have PVD Chrome Wheels, make sure to use the Black Magic No Scrub Wheel Cleaner. PVD, Physical Vapor Disposition, uses a powder coating process that makes the wheel more durable but still retains the look of traditional chrome wheels.

Plastic rims are sometimes found on either basic steel or aluminum rims. Your best bet to keep these clean is to use Black Magic No Touch Wheel cleaner, since it is a neutral cleaner that uses surfactants to remove brake dust, dirt and road grime.

Basic Steel wheels are available and are usually found on trucks. If you have steel wheels, there is a very high chance that it either has a plastic rim, or a protective coating. To make sure that you keep these protected stick with a neutral cleaner, like Black Magic No Scrub.

Once you are done cleaning and protecting your wheels, you cannot forget your tires. Check out our amazing tire care products, the #1 selling tire cleaner Black Magic Bleche Wite Tire Cleaner, and Black Magic Tire Wet Tire Shine the #1 selling tire shine.

Exterior Care to Showroom Ready Shine

Black Magic Wet Shine Car Wash is a concentrated high-foaming formula that will clean your ride from rims to roof in no time and is safe for all vehicles. Our 64oz wash offers excellent cleaning power to reduce spots and streaks and in true Black Magic form – it leaves a brilliant shine behind!

Car Detailing Tips – Wax & Wash
As an industry leader in auto detailing supplies, Black Magic knows a thing or two about the tips and tricks of the trade. Check out these expert car detailing tips courtesy of Black Magic to achieve the best possible results for car waxing and washing:

• For the ultimate shine, avoid washing your car in direct sunlight to prevent soap and water from leaving spots
• For best results, wax your vehicle in a shaded area while the surface is cool
• When removing wax from paint, use speed instead of pressure for an amazing finish and to prevent scratches

*2008 Consumer Reports results

Interior Care for Multiple Surfaces

Black Magic Natural Finish Protectant is just one of the many superior detailing products available from Black Magic. Designed to provide an easy way to clean, protect and condition your dash all at once, our specially formulated anti-static agents help to minimize dust accumulation, while exclusive Fadeblok technology protects against fading, drying and cracking.

Black Magic Pro-Shine Protectant helps you revitalize the interior of your car as it protects against fading, drying and cracking of all interior surfaces with our patented Fadeblok technology. Easy and safe to use, Black Magic Pro-Shine Protectant is sure to become one of the most reliable auto detailing products in your car leather care and maintenance routine.

Black Magic Pro-Shine Protectant Wipes offer superior protection for vinyl, leather, rubber and plastic interior surfaces. An easy-to-use snap pack is perfect for on-the-go use when you want to achieve maximum shine with minimum effort.

Black Magic 2-in-1 Leather Care cleans and conditions leather in one easy step. Neutral pH cleans without stripping natural oils, and leaves behind smooth, finished leather with no greasy residue. For auto leather care on-the-go, try Black Magic 2-in-1 Leather Care Wipes to get the same benefits in an easy-to-use wipe for ultimate convenience.

Black Magic Car Care for Wheels

The best way to clean your wheels is to use a product that was designed to be safe and effective for the type of wheels on your car. Wheel cleaners that are too alkaline or acidic can cause pitting or corrosion on wheels, so it’s important that the formula you use is pH-balanced. Black Magic No Scrub Wheel Cleaner is scientifically formulated to remove brake dust, dirt and grime while being safe and gentle for use on all wheel types.

Black Magic Foaming All Wheel Cleaner
Want to clean and shine tires and rims in one step? For your convenience, Black Magic Foaming All Wheel Cleaner removes dirt and grime from rims and tires in one quick and easy step. Safe on aluminum, chrome, steel, alloy and mag, this is an excellent product to use before the application of polish or tire dressings and promises to leave wheels sparkling for weeks.

Black Magic Ultimate Rims Cleaner
However, if you’re looking for the best wheel cleaner designed specifically for high-performance chrome or aluminum rims, try the pH-balanced Black Magic Ultimate Rims Cleaner. We know that many car enthusiasts are hesitant to try out new rim cleaners because they have concerns about streaking, pitting, or corrosion on their high performance wheels. That’s why we’ve developed (and rigorously tested) a premium aluminum and chrome wheel cleaner that is gentle enough to be used on all metal surfaces without sacrificing cleaning power. Part of our premium line of Black Magic car care products, Black Magic Ultimate Rims Cleaner is one of the best wheel cleaners available for sensitive surfaces like aluminum and chrome. As safe for rims as soap and water, Black Magic Ultimate Rims Cleaner packs a powerful cleaning punch without risk of damage to sensitive metal surfaces. And, with our Ultimate Shine Guarantee you’ll never have to risk using any other wheel cleaner to get the best shine possible.

Car Detailing Tips – Wheels & Tires
As an industry leader in tire and wheel care, Black Magic is just as passionate about car care as our customers. Our car care products are based on real science, so you can be sure that our products safely deliver on our promise every time. And because we are Carcissists, we know a thing or two about the tricks of the trade. Check out these car detailing tips, courtesy of our Black Magic detailing experts, to get your wheels and tires shining in no time:

• Always pre-clean tires before dressing to achieve maximum shine
• Rinse or brush excessive dirt or mud off tires before cleaning for maximum results
• Customize shine intensity by increasing or decreasing application of tire dressings
• For an extra dark, black finish, spray Tire Wet inside wheel wells
• When using a wheel cleaner, towel off remaining water after the final rinse for maximum shine

Detail Your Ride Inside And Out
The premium lineup of products from Black Magic has built a solid reputation among detailing professionals and car enthusiasts as the product line of choice for everything from tire dressings to interior care. Black Magic auto detailing products have you covered from rims to roof with the products necessary to revitalize, clean and protect every interior and exterior surface of your car.

The Lineup of Black Magic Tire Dressings

Gel, spray – even foam – Black Magic’s premium lineup of tire dressings come in a variety of formulas to provide a long, lasting shine for your ride!

We’re proud to say that America’s #1 tire dressing is none other than Black Magic Tire Wet. Tire Wet delivers a black, glossy shine that makes tires look better than new and is formulated for spray and go usage – no wiping! This streak-free formula is made of a unique combination of polymers and high molecular weight silicones to create a long-lasting shine that will turn heads!

Black Magic Tire Wet Foam
Aside from a powerful shine, Black Magic Tire Wet Foam has the added bonus of a robust cleaning agent so you can clean, shine and protect all at once. Specially formulated, thick foam clings to the surface to dissolve and release dirt and grime while silicone oils protect and enrich to reveal the ultimate shine.

Black Magic Tire Wet Aerosol Spray
If it’s a “no-fuss” dressing you want, try Black Magic Tire Wet Spray for a long-lasting extreme shine in one easy step. Three sprayer settings put you in control of intensity and reduce messy over-spray.

Tire Gel vs. Spray

So after you determine you’re preferred finish now you’ve got to decide whether to go with a gel or a spray. You may find that one of your preceding decisions has already decided this for you. Mostly this decision is just based on application preference. Detailers recommend not getting hung up on the tire gel vs. spray issue and instead focusing on the results the product delivers. By and large, factors like durability, protection and finish are more important.

A tire gel is generally considered to provide higher intensity shine, and longer lasting results than a spray. However, application of a gel is a bit more time intensive than a spray as it often requires more than just a few sprays to apply. Gel may also “sling” onto wheel wells or quarter panels if over applied so use sparingly – our Black Magic Tire Wet Gel is designed to adhere to the tire and produce minimal sling.

Tire Dressings 101

Any car enthusiast will tell you that tire dressings are the best way to highlight an already sweet ride. With such a wide-range of products available, it can be difficult to know what to look for when selecting a dressing for your tires. Most detailers will tell you that tire dressings can vary a great deal in durability and shine – so asking around for recommendations is often a good place to start.

There are two common types of tire dressings: oil-based and water-based products. Generally speaking, most tire dressings will help prevent cracking, fading and hardening of tires, but the finish they leave behind depends on whether they’re oil or water-based. Oil-based dressings are used to create a glossy, “wet” shine, and in contrast, water-based dressings create a low gloss, velvety appearance.