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Wheel Care

Black MagicAluminum Wheel Cleaner


Specially formulated with 3 benefits in one bottle—cleans, polishes AND protects aluminum wheels. This product is high on the pH scale making it alkaline and perfect for use on aluminum wheels. Be proud of your shine.


  • Black Magic® Aluminum Wheel Cleaner is specifically formulated to maximize shine on Aluminum wheels.
  • Safe for all Aluminum wheels.
  • Dissolves brake dust, grease, and road grime
  • Applies a protective film for easy cleaning
  • Leaves wheels with show-room shine


Size US Item # CAN Item # SDS Doc
23 oz 120004 N/A US


  1. Spray generously onto cool, dry wheels
  2. Allow to set for 1-2 minutes. For extremely dirty wheels, agitate with a soft brush or sponge
  3. Rinse thoroughly with a powerful stream of water
  4. Wipe any remaining residue with a clean microfiber towel to achieve a showroom finish

What People Are Saying

based on 4 reviews
Best so far!
June 12, 2023

This is good for no-scrub cleaning. It leaves the aluminum wheels clean and shiny but does not give a mirror gloss as with a polish.

Size: 23oz
- charles
Never run out of this!
May 23, 2023

Love the ease and effectiveness of this product

Size: 23oz
- Cathy
The stuff works plain and simple
January 24, 2022

The stuff works plain and simple. I used it w/o water soap and as the picture shows the side I used it on came clean with no other help than me rubbing. I have since then used it while washing car and it just made it so simple. I will be using this for may things aluminum now mwahahaha. Glad I tried it

Size: 23oz
It works on all things aluminum!
January 17, 2022

I used this on my Jeep wheel and it came out great! First time ever cleaned! I can't wait til Spring to do them all, as they are covered with over foot of snow now! So I was like, what else can I try this on? I used it on the fins of my electronic air cleaner & it worked way better than the spray foam stuff I used in the summer, a whole can, & didn't work so well; but this did! So it will be my go to from now on. I am wanting to try it on my screens & my above the stove blower filter, I think it will work! It is for ALUMINUM, not chrome! A lot of Jeeps, like my 1996 GrandCherokeeLimited have aluminum alloy wheels, even the gold package 2 toned are aluminum. I am happy with this product & has never tried it before but it will be a staple in my cabinet now!

Size: 23oz
- Brenda