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Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the best way to dry my car after washing?

Dry the car immediately when washing. Many people prefer a chamois to remove the bulk of the water, others prefer a thirsty cotton (lint free) towel. However, a microfiber towel is perfect for the final wipe to remove the last of the water without streaking, especially on glass. They are also great for the intricate surfaces of chrome or aluminum wheels. When drying, work from the top down and be especially careful on glass since any streaks left behind are highly visible. Do the horizontal surfaces first because they do not drain as evenly and then the vertical areas. Finish with the wheels and tires. Don’t forget to wash the towels so they are clean and soft for the next time!

Is there a certain order I should wash my car in – what parts first?

Using a garden hose, rinse loose dust and mud from the entire vehicle, including wheels, tires and undercarriage. Clean the wheels and tires next using a Black Magic® Wheel Cleaner for the wheels and Black Magic® Bleche Wite® for the tires. For the body of the vehicle, work from top to bottom, one section at a time to avoid drying in the sun, especially on warmer days. Use a generous amount of Black Magic® Wet Shine Car Wash in a pail of water. Wet the top of the vehicle and soap up the roof working down to the glass. Rinse immediately to avoid drying that can leave spots and streaks. Do the hood and front end areas next, rinsing immediately. Repeat for trunk area and the sides of the vehicle. If the vehicle has dried in warm or sunny weather, follow with a final rinse to avoid spots and streaks. Dry immediately.

What should I use to clean chrome wheels?

Black Magic Chrome wheel cleaner is specifically formulated with an acidic PH balance to be used on chrome. you can also use Black Magic No Touch wheel cleaner which is PH neutral to be used on any wheel currently in the market.

Should I shine my tires before or after I polish and clean my wheels?

Clean the wheels and tires first and then shine the tires, being careful to avoid spraying the wheels with Tire Wet®. A product applied by sponge such as Black Magic® Tire Wet Gel makes this process easier.

Where are Black Magic® products mainly distributed?

Our products are distributed at most major retailers including Wal-Mart, AutoZone, Advance Auto Parts, O’Reilly Auto Parts, Pep Boys, and Target. If you cannot find the product you’re looking for in your area, you may order it online at

Will Black Magic® Pro Shine Protectant freeze?

No, it will not freeze since it is solvent based.

Can Black Magic® Pro Shine Protectant be used on leather upholstery?

No, it is recommended to use Black Magic® 2-in-1 Leather Care on leather upholstery.

Can Black Magic® Pro Shine Protectant be used on a convertible top?


Can any Black Magic® Wheel Cleaners damage your brake caliper?

No, our wheel cleaner products will not cause damage to the brake caliper.

Can you use Black Magic® 2-in-1 Leather Care on vinyl?

Yes, this product will not hurt the vinyl.

How much Black Magic® Wet Shine Car Wash should be used per gallon?

One ounce per gallon.

Will Black Magic® Bleche-Wite (formerly Westley’s Bleche-Wite) affect/harm plants?

No, this product will not affect plants because when you rinse it off it will be diluted with water so the potency of the product is not as strong. In areas with delicate plants, rinse with plenty of water to dilute and rinse away.

Does Black Magic® Bleche-Wite (formerly Westley’s Bleche-Wite) need to be diluted?

No, it does not require dilution.

Can I use Black Magic® Bleche-Wite (formerly Westley’s Bleche-Wite) on my vinyl seats?

No, this product is intended to be used on tires only.

If Black Magic® Tire Wet gets on the drive way or concrete, how do you remove?

Apply a degreaser such as Blue Coral® All Purpose Cleaner and Degreaser. Otherwise, it is water soluble and will erode over time.

Can I use Black Magic® Tire Wet on the interior of my car?

It is not recommended as the product creates a high gloss shine and will reflect on the dashboard.

I have old product that’s been sitting on a shelf for years. Is it still usable?

Most of our products are intended to be used within 1-2 years. We cannot guarantee the performance of our chemical products if older than 4 years.

Are Black Magic® Tire Dressing products silicone based?