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Black MagicPRO Graphene Wheel & Tire Cleaner


Black Magic® PRO Graphene Wheel & Tire Cleaner combines the ability to deeply clean both wheels and tires with Graphene Armor Nanotechnology for intense protection you can take pride in. For a final touch, finish your tires with Black Magic® PRO Graphene Tire Shine.


  1. Powerful formulation cleans grease, road grime & brake dust
  2. Conditions tires and provides a subtle shine to wheels for a complete finish
  3. Safe and effective for all wheel types and tire walls. Acid free & pH neutral
  4. Long-lasting protection from road grime and brake dust accumulation
  5. With continuous use, less cleaning effort is needed each time


Size US Item # CAN Item # SDS Doc
23oz 120204 N/A US



  1. Completely saturate wheel and tire with product
  2. Allow to set 1-2 minutes for cleaning and conditioning to penetrate
  3. Use a soft brush or sponge to scrub wheel and tire clean
  4. Rinse off thoroughly with cool water
  5. Dry wheel and tire using a microfiber towel

Pro Tip: For best results, clean one wheel at a time. For a final touch, finish tires with Black Magic® Pro Graphene Tire Shine

Notes: Avoid use on warm wheels or wheels with any damage