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CA Rights To Know Act

SB-258: The Cleaning Product Right to Know Act requires manufacturers of certain cleaning products sold in California to disclose on the product label and on the product’s Internet web site certain information related to known hazardous chemicals contained in the product.

SB-258 Cleaning Product Right to Know Act of 2017

CA_Ingredient_Disclosure-31700, 31700W, 31723, 3100BPD Black Magic Pro Shine Protectant

CA_Ingredient_Disclosure-120001 Black Magic Tire Wet Spray Gel

CA_Ingredient_Disclosure-120002 Black Magic Tire Wet Wax

CA_Ingredient_Disclosure-120003 Black Magic Wheel Protectant

CA_Ingredient_Disclosure-120004 Black Magic Aluminum Wheel Cleaner

CA_Ingredient_Disclosure-120005 Black Magic Chrome Wheel Cleaner

CA_Ingredient_Disclosure-120009 Black Magic Foaming All Wheel Cleaner

CA_Ingredient_Disclosure-120027 Black Magic Bleche-Blak

CA_Ingredient_Disclosure-120038 Black Magic Trim Restoration

CA_Ingredient_Disclosure-120045 Black Magic Wheel Well Cleaner

CA_Ingredient_Disclosure-120050 Black Magic Diamond Tire Wet

CA_Ingredient_Disclosure-120066, 800002222, 800002223, 800002224 Black Magic Bleche-Wite Tire Cleaner

CA_Ingredient_Disclosure-120079 Black Magic Intense Tire Wet Spray

CA_Ingredient_Disclosure-120080 Black Magic Intense Tire Wet

CA_Ingredient_Disclosure-120081 Black Magic Intense All Wheel Cleaner

CA_Ingredient_Disclosure-120092 Black Magic Waterless Carwash & Exterior Detailer

CA_Ingredient_Disclosure-120108; 120139 Black Magic Bleche-Wite Aerosol

CA_Ingredient_Disclosure-120110 Black Magic Intense Wheel & Tire Cleaner

CA_Ingredient_Disclosure-120111 Black Magic Tire Protectant with UV Guard

CA_Ingredient_Disclosure-5072647, 5072647ES, 5072647W, 120112 Black Magic Tire Wet Gel

CA_Ingredient_Disclosure-800002220 Black Magic Tire Wet Foam

CA_Ingredient_Disclosure-BC 22316 Black Magic 2-in-1 Leather Care

CA_Ingredient_Disclosure-BC22010, BM23, BM23ES, BM23W, 22320, 22320ES, 120011, 120016, 120071, 120072 Black Magic Tire Wet

CA_Ingredient_Disclosure-BC23220 Black Magic Tire Wet Spray

CA_Ingredient_Disclosure-BM22018 Black Magic 2-in-1 Engine Shine

CA_Ingredient_Disclosure-BM48016 Black Magic Wet Shine Liquid Car Wax