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Black Magic Car Care for Wheels

Posted on: October 2nd, 2015

The best way to clean your wheels is to use a product that was designed to be safe and effective for the type of wheels on your car. Wheel cleaners that are too alkaline or acidic can cause pitting or corrosion on wheels, so it’s important that the formula you use is pH-balanced. Black Magic No Scrub Wheel Cleaner is scientifically formulated to remove brake dust, dirt and grime while being safe and gentle for use on all wheel types.

Black Magic Foaming All Wheel Cleaner
Want to clean and shine tires and rims in one step? For your convenience, Black Magic Foaming All Wheel Cleaner removes dirt and grime from rims and tires in one quick and easy step. Safe on aluminum, chrome, steel, alloy and mag, this is an excellent product to use before the application of polish or tire dressings and promises to leave wheels sparkling for weeks.

Black Magic Ultimate Rims Cleaner
However, if you’re looking for the best wheel cleaner designed specifically for high-performance chrome or aluminum rims, try the pH-balanced Black Magic Ultimate Rims Cleaner. We know that many car enthusiasts are hesitant to try out new rim cleaners because they have concerns about streaking, pitting, or corrosion on their high performance wheels. That’s why we’ve developed (and rigorously tested) a premium aluminum and chrome wheel cleaner that is gentle enough to be used on all metal surfaces without sacrificing cleaning power. Part of our premium line of Black Magic car care products, Black Magic Ultimate Rims Cleaner is one of the best wheel cleaners available for sensitive surfaces like aluminum and chrome. As safe for rims as soap and water, Black Magic Ultimate Rims Cleaner packs a powerful cleaning punch without risk of damage to sensitive metal surfaces. And, with our Ultimate Shine Guarantee you’ll never have to risk using any other wheel cleaner to get the best shine possible.

Car Detailing Tips – Wheels & Tires
As an industry leader in tire and wheel care, Black Magic is just as passionate about car care as our customers. Our car care products are based on real science, so you can be sure that our products safely deliver on our promise every time. And because we are Carcissists, we know a thing or two about the tricks of the trade. Check out these car detailing tips, courtesy of our Black Magic detailing experts, to get your wheels and tires shining in no time:

• Always pre-clean tires before dressing to achieve maximum shine
• Rinse or brush excessive dirt or mud off tires before cleaning for maximum results
• Customize shine intensity by increasing or decreasing application of tire dressings
• For an extra dark, black finish, spray Tire Wet inside wheel wells
• When using a wheel cleaner, towel off remaining water after the final rinse for maximum shine

Detail Your Ride Inside And Out
The premium lineup of products from Black Magic has built a solid reputation among detailing professionals and car enthusiasts as the product line of choice for everything from tire dressings to interior care. Black Magic auto detailing products have you covered from rims to roof with the products necessary to revitalize, clean and protect every interior and exterior surface of your car.