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The Lineup of Black Magic Tire Dressings

Posted on: October 2nd, 2015

Gel, spray – even foam – Black Magic’s premium lineup of tire dressings come in a variety of formulas to provide a long, lasting shine for your ride!

We’re proud to say that America’s #1 tire dressing is none other than Black Magic Tire Wet. Tire Wet delivers a black, glossy shine that makes tires look better than new and is formulated for spray and go usage – no wiping! This streak-free formula is made of a unique combination of polymers and high molecular weight silicones to create a long-lasting shine that will turn heads!

Black Magic Tire Wet Foam
Aside from a powerful shine, Black Magic Tire Wet Foam has the added bonus of a robust cleaning agent so you can clean, shine and protect all at once. Specially formulated, thick foam clings to the surface to dissolve and release dirt and grime while silicone oils protect and enrich to reveal the ultimate shine.

Black Magic Tire Wet Aerosol Spray
If it’s a “no-fuss” dressing you want, try Black Magic Tire Wet Spray for a long-lasting extreme shine in one easy step. Three sprayer settings put you in control of intensity and reduce messy over-spray.