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Tire Gel vs. Spray

Posted on: October 2nd, 2015

So after you determine you’re preferred finish now you’ve got to decide whether to go with a gel or a spray. You may find that one of your preceding decisions has already decided this for you. Mostly this decision is just based on application preference. Detailers recommend not getting hung up on the tire gel vs. spray issue and instead focusing on the results the product delivers. By and large, factors like durability, protection and finish are more important.

A tire gel is generally considered to provide higher intensity shine, and longer lasting results than a spray. However, application of a gel is a bit more time intensive than a spray as it often requires more than just a few sprays to apply. Gel may also “sling” onto wheel wells or quarter panels if over applied so use sparingly – our Black Magic Tire Wet Gel is designed to adhere to the tire and produce minimal sling.