Bleche-Wite Tire Cleaner

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America’s #1 selling tire cleaner for use on both white-wall and black-wall tires. Amazing fast-acting PRIMASCRUB® formula dissolves brake-dust, grease, grime, and road film.

Fortified with PRIMASCRUB – Tough cleaning agents designed to attack the soils that adhere to white-wall and black-wall tire surfaces.

US Item #: 800002224
CAN Item #: 36203
Available Size: 32oz, 64oz & 1gal
  1. Wear rubber gloves and eye protection.
  2. Carefully spray Bleche-Wite onto dry tire.
  3. Let set for a few minutes.
  4. Wipe away soil and grime with a wet sponge or cloth. (Extremely severe scuffs may require a second application and brushing).
  5. Rinse thoroughly with water.
  6. Do not use in windy conditions.
  7. NOTE: Do not allow product to contact magnesium or aluminum wheels, painted or glass surfaces, eyewear, fabric and non-rubber items. Permanent damage can occur. USE ONLY AS PER LABEL DIRECTIONS.
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Black Magic
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 8 reviews
 by Kalos
Not just for tires

My husband and I have used bleach white on our tires for years and I've used it on the house siding it helped get the green off that grows on the north. Recently i tried it on the interior garage doors from smokers yellow & it took the yellow grime right off. Great stuff please dont stop making it.

 by gildomacrania


 by Rob
No Aluminum?

My older brother and I have been using Bleche-White for years. So I offered it to a neighbor, no one knows how great this stuff works to make tires look like new. If you use a protective spray on your tires without using Bleech-White you are just covering up dirt and grime on the tire, 'shiny dirt!'

I dont care how hard to scrub the tire. But my neighbor balked and showed ME the warning on the back that says 'not to use on Mag or aluminum wheels.' Black Magic please explain to us how we can use your product when 95% of us have aluminum rims??

 by Curtis Bender

New brake pads on the front of my RAM 2500 dust really bad, cover my white letter tires with thick black dust. No amount of scrubbing with normal car wash soap will get the job done, but this Bleche Wite makes the tires look new again!

 by Raymond Spence
Best tire cleaner ever

My introduction to BlecheWite came in 1973 with my first new car, Malibu SS, and I have used only BlecheWite on my tires and rubber floor mats since. This is the best tire and rubber cleaner ever. I've tried other brands and there is no comparison to this product. Even diluted to 1/2 strength and the results are fantastic. Use it on tires, mats, bumper strips, tennis and golf shoes, and on mildewed boat seats. Best tire cleaner EVER!!

 by Jason Thornton
Clean Machine

I must say, I was upset when Westley's was no longer the manufacturer. I have never purchased anything other than Bleche White since I was 16. I'm 46 now and don't plan on changing. I recommend this to everyone. It works on sneakers and a myriad of rubber goods. I use it on the fridge and tools too. Thank you for making this product. Jason T.

Glad to hear Jason! The formula didn’t change so it’s still the same great formula you used since you were a kid.

 by Tim
Black Magic ruined a great product.

I used Wesley's Bleche White for many years, and was always happy with how well it cleaned whitewalls and white letter tires. Fast forward several years and I find myself with a new car with white letter tires in need of a good cleaning. I of course purchased Blech White, but was extremely disappointed when it didn't clean worth a damn. The original (Wesley's) formula would simply "melt" away the grime and dirt. This new stuff is watered down garbage. I though I had bought the wrong product, but it turns out Black Magic now makes Bleche White, and it's garbage. If you were a fan of the original Wesley's, pass on Black Magic's version, which is only similar in name, it's not the quality product that Wesley's once made.

 by AA
Great stuff

Initially tried this to clean tires with good results. Then I tried just a tiny dab on a microfiber to clean some stains I could not get off white car paint. I was shocked it wiped right off with no effort. My bumper was getting lots of this residue. Nothing would get it off not even clay bar or aggressive concentrated ph levels. This product does says not to use on painted surfaces but it did it’s job and then I rinsed off all the areas. No damage and grime and residues we’re gone. Amazing stuff would definitely recommend if u have residues on ur car that won’t come off the paint. Just rinse it off after u finish